One of my most favorite New Testament verses is Romans 8:32, which promises God will freely give us ALL THINGS since He already spared not His only Son, Jesus. Heaven’s richest blessings are ours to enjoy, but you may ask, “If it’s already mine, why do I need to ‘possess it’?” Well, since the work of the Cross restored man’s position of authority here on earth, this change of world ownership involved ousting the enemy from his previous place of dominance. Our “possessing” really has nothing to do with God’s willingness to give (read Romans 8:32 again) but everything to do with satanic efforts to resist Heaven’s transactions from getting through to us.

Once we understand through revelation the supplied provision of God in a particular area of need, we should let nothing keep us from laying hold of it. Just as we initially received salvation by confessing with our mouths and believing in our hearts (Romans 10:9-10), the same process is involved in possessing every blessing contained within that salvation: confess with your mouth/believe in your heart. In your confessing, think seize, like a bulldog locked onto the postman’s pant leg and refusing to relent. Confess the promises of God saying from within, “It’s mine, so I take it!” Then don’t give up until that blessing completely materializes. This is the church’s most glorious hour! There is more light available to us now than ever before, revealing the vast extent of the treasures given us in our salvation.

It’s time to “Possess your possessions”!