I must confess that in years past October has not been a time of year held in my fondest memories. With the world’s heavily promoted theme of spooks and death, it has typically felt like a much harder swim upstream than say, Christmas. But the Spirit reminded me the other day of His desire for it to be a month of revealed GLORY! Rather than being a drag on us believers, it can be a time for God to unveil His greatest expressions of love and power, as it is written “where sin did abound, grace did MUCH MORE ABOUND!! (Romans 5:20)

Peter records that Old Testament prophets predicted the sufferings of Christ and “the glories that would follow” (I Peter 1:10-11). I like to think of us, the Church, as being those “glories” that followed Jesus in His death, burial and resurrection. As fiery lava bursts forth from a live volcano, we are the continuum of His divine light show released in the work of the Cross — the glory of God to be seen throughout all of history.

Arise and shine church!! Let the world see His glory in this season of great harvest!!